Producer of Hiwot Bottled Water & Manufacturer of Preforms and Closures


Our company offers quality preforms and closures in various sizes and colors for any bottling company. 

We produce our goods using High-quality Italian made Sacmi and Canadian made Huski machines.

We are ISO certified!
ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 (German based DQS organization)

We reach our customers at their doors

Our marketing team and dedicated agents reach our customers at their doors, even out of town!  Moreover, If you wish to be part of our Great team and become an Agent feel free to contact us!

 @ +251 92 072 7272/0118-33-88-11 

GET HydratED with
Hiwot Water!

Did You Know: 

When you sweat, you’re losing more than just water. You’re losing important electrolytes such as salt and potassium that are vital to maximizing your performance and keeping your body active. Drink Hiwot Water and it will help you gain sufficient electrolytes and put you right back on track!