ISO Certifications:

እንክዋን ደስ ያለን! ድርጅታችን ህይወት ውሃ ፋብሪካ የISO 9001:2015 የጥራት አመራር ስርአት እና የISO 22000:2005 የምግብ ደህንነት ስርአት አመራር ተግባራዊ በማድረግ ጀርመን ሃገር በሚገኘው ዲኪውኤስ (DQS) ተብሎ በሚጠራው ድርጅት ተፈትሾ…

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Annual General Meeting:

Our AGM is a yearly assembly with our management heads, shareholders and all our interested stakeholders. We  analyze our company's performance, we strategize for the future and we carry out voting…


Expo Festivals:

We Vigorously Attend Expo-Festivals and Promote Our Company HIWOT WUHA

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