Care About Us


Bitwoded Bahiru Abraham Industry (BBAI) is a leading manufacturing company in Ethiopia.  The owner Bitwoded Bahiru Abraham has over 30 years of experience in the plastic manufacturing sector. By using his vast experience and expertise in the plastic industry he has launched Hiwot Water and Bitwoded Bahiru preform and closure.

The sister companies of BBAI includes Bisrat PLC, Natran Tanker, Elfign Bahiru Corrugated Iron Sheet, and Bitwoded Bahiru Tower.

BBAI produces Hiwot purified natural water with one of the most prominent machineries and latest technologies available. The production of Hiwot purified natural water is free of any human contact, as it utilizes only automated machineries.  Our plant is fully equipped with the latest laboratory instruments to ensure the highest quality of products. Furthermore, our stuff is well trained and experienced in the food and beverage industry.